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from Airport Novella by Tom Comitta

from Airport Novella

Langdon hesitated and then nodded.

The bald man nodded. “Slipped on the ice. A week ago. Still hurts like hell.”

Langdon nodded, accustomed to the comments.

Their heads nodded in unison.

Langdon nodded and lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper.

“You sure you’re ready?”

She nodded.

Anderson nodded and swallowed hard.

Langdon nodded.

“This thing has a name?”

Langdon nodded.

Katherine nodded.

“So fast?” Katherine looked encouraged.

Trish nodded.

Katherine nodded enthusiastically. “Like a flock of birds or a school of fish moving as one.”

“A very small mass, but mass nonetheless.”

Trish nodded.

Langdon nodded.

Sato nodded.

[end segment]

Tom Comitta

Tom Comitta is the author of ◯ (Ugly Ducking Presse), SENT (Invisible Venue), First Thought Worst Thought: Collected Books 2011-2014 (Gauss PDF) and Airport Novella (forthcoming from Troll Thread). From 2011-12 he co-conducted SF Guerilla Opera, a roving sound poetry troupe that gave voice to texts at numerous locations around the Bay Area including the Civic Center BART and the Berkeley Art Museum. This summer his collaboration with the choreographer duo Fire Drill, Bill: The Musikill, will appear in Minneapolis’s Momentum dance festival. He lives in Los Angeles.

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