1981 Feminist Reading Group Assignment by Ry Dunn


of course she left today
of course, that stupid Holiday Alex left & we both forgot
to go to the

I make an inventory of everything I can steal
from the workplace
“workplace theft makes me feel so good” she said that yesterday

Hey, some guy is here to fix your door
Oh, great I haven’t slept
at all

grey-grey darkly not rain but rain, yes Taylor Swift is to blame for
65,000 voter registrations
it’s the weather, changes from
its cold to its hot golden September Ugh, I’m so tired too

a rural landscape sprawling
a greenly mustard yellow
below cerulean
laying stroking out visibly altered from before transformed into some guy’s bank account
or like his whole family’s

but Julie’s there, a barn collapsed around us barn: before we were inside it now
we’re admiring its new form
she looked cool in that red jacket

So, what did you
steal today?
this beautiful iridescent espresso cup with a scene from Antiquity”