Geramee Hensley

Chevy’s 50th Birthday / Song for Refuge

For Chevy

Shut up motherfuckers / I have something to say / I am a shy Asian flower / shouting at the top of my lungs / Thank you daddy / Everyone say / Thank you daddy / Tonight we live / like bullets shot out the muzzles / aimed at our fathers / duck & cover through the mud / spun & spun / raptured by each other’s petals / I will pour corn water / into every last one of you bitches / until you glow / with desire to eat the distance / between each other / when it’s your light shining / you render beauty out your other / The first rule in my city / if someone is in danger / you shelter their bones / We are children / fleeing a war / not ours / we are strangers pretending / unboundness to one another / what the fuck is a stranger / an untouched body / how dare you void joy / Say thank you daddy / I am a love drunk Asian flower / The lotus blossom blooms / once in water / then again in whiskey / then again in whiskey / then again in blood / in family/ if you’re not dancing / you’re just taking up space / where there could be dancing / If you’re not singing / what you going to do / with all those jewels / in your throat / keep ‘em for yourself? / not me / & i hope not you / or anybody / Listen / Who are you motherfuckers / If you’re in my city / You’re partying with me / When I sought refuge in this country / they called me gook / look at me now bitches /

Friday, January 27th, 2017

We are a simple people,
who want every part of our happiness
to touch every part of the world.
Come, eat this roast pig with us; or,
if you do not partake in the sharing of such flesh,
we have no shortage of vegetable stews
plated on rice: mustard greens wilted
in the pale sunset of tamarind.
There is room for all around our banana leaf.
It is raining: come, let us storm with the world—
kick mud up into the night. You simply must howl
everywhere on an evening like this.
You simply must wear this oversized sweater
knitted just for you, enough room for the light
you carry; look, together & tonight
we glow with the fireflies—
& even those who hate
dancing—yes, hate dancing—
have somehow lost all sense of inhibition
& we’re here & everyone is here
& we’re all animals dancing & loving
& everyone is here

Geramee Hensley

Geramee Hensley is the Director of Social Media for Winter Tangerine & Honeysuckle Press. His work has recently been published in Rambutan Literary, The Shallow Ends, and others. The accompanying picture was taken the night of Chevy’s birthday. Please tweet him your favorite recipes and/or songs @geramee_ (seriously).