Kit Robinson

Irish Beach

Satellite dish picks up signals
Part for the whole
Sound waves ocean jetliner

Similar to drink of water
Cleanses the Paleolithic

Local color is gray
Non-specific waves thru fog
Enter two bikes

The way south is strewn
Falls over onto the side of talk

Somewhere between landscape
Ampersand portrait
Art hugs the coastline

Car door closes on air
Chew on time

There is a football field of it
In every direction
Dark undersides of leaves

Psychological hummingbird
The clock strikes Great Horned Owl

Fog strokes the coast
Build local shake back into place
Hire contractors to write this

Message in light breeze
Animal action elsewhere

Load up on little color
Some pink there
A bit of orange

Establish ongoingness of objects
Sandals comma hand weights comma

Driftwood like whale or arm
Mind drifts until big truck
Can’t see waves at moment

Similar to being on slow
Think thru combination of things

Page flips in wind
Motorcycle monograph day
Up or down hill all

Right at edge
Hear almost everything else

In a Manner of Speaking

No words, many thoughts
Morning coolness
Giving gradually way to
Warming day
Same breathing as back in the day

Limited availability
Can’t remember dreams
So clear on rising
Now hidden behind membrane
So eyelid-like in form

In a manner of speaking
A-blink with matters large and small
Try this on for size
A collective burgeoning
Past recollection

Anticipation of days
To-do lists up the wazoo
Can’t wait
Knock down one by one
Skyscraper calendar confetti

Sit up straight
Nothing to it
The global throb
The slamming doors
The cumulative waves

Tighten the screw
By going around
Grab the wood
That is engagement
Throw yourself into the house of bud

Sun puts in appearance
Complex of shadow
Intensity of surface
Attribution expands willy-nilly
So much there to describe

All the way
That’s how love goes
Barring interruption
Leaping tall buildings
The gas can school

Get up and go
Archaic expression
Drawn through to now
See how sounds
Empty into air

What to say
What to do
A matter of taste
Put to the test
Without hesitation

Several Seconds Later Another Letter

Hit a speed bump
When in London
Psychic ratatouille
Swings legs over edge of bed
Wind up in hospital
Narrative cabin pressure
Life in a sunny place
All manner of imaginings
Truly freely safe
A cardboard box to hide in

The author hides behind her words
Maximum leeway to play
Minimum street imposition
Rule-based game theory night
Counting the cards of a brilliant philosophical order
Shine on Harley-Davidson
A challenger brand in a rapidly growing market
Once you do something it’s done
How many times have I told you
The border is squiggly

No one knows what this is
The message reaches across time
The rhythm of speech a carrier frequency recognizable somewhere
Standing on the high board
Our work is poised at the Front
Not knowing what will come next
And so on for any number of years
Until a catch in the voice
Registers emotion
All the way down in the belly

That they are fragile
That they can go away
That they are absorbed in something right now
Busy with work, travel, complications
Busy with sorrow
That they are teeming with life
That they are conflicted
That they will stick by their commitment
Walking alone across the mostly empty parking lot

The wide sea
The gentle carress
The hairpin turn
The favorite horse
The ticking clock
The hairdresser’s son
The happy warrior
Angles on affability
Possibilities for relationship
To be connected later

The reader is listening for something else
A way out
A way in
Sense data spread wide
Bright physical character in full bloom
Neither will she say anything about it
Nor will she show up to class
The rain is a figment of doubt
Trailing the open letter
Caught on the coattails of the century

What would happen if we just kept going
No locks on the doors
No break for lunch
No down time in the trailer
Keep the cameras rolling
We can edit this later
Thanks in part to a basketball
Not forgetting a drum set
Make sure the dolls are tucked in their beds
Childhood continues without us

Several seconds later another letter
Sound travels faster from ear to eye
Mixed up thoughts stand for a person
The sidewalk is full of them
Baby-carriage taxi pick-up truck bike
The great vehicle and the lesser vehicle
Standing still for long periods of time
Wide awake when not fast asleep
Somewhere in between the local butcher
And the one who supplies the juice

In the Curvature of the Moment

In the curvature of the moment
A big surprise
Like a ton of bricks
A manner of speaking
All dressed up
No time like the right time
Across 110th Street
A decided advantage
Swing for the trees
Look both ways before crossing

The crossing guard was old
You can’t prepare for it
Snuck in through bent bars
As expected
Standing in a hole
Light as a feather
Lined with rubble
The distraction of fathers in letters
People get ready
Come as you are

You will totally go far
Down steps into woods
Waiting for a train
She does her homework right away
I’ll tell you more later
A high notch is a crow’s nest
Paving the way for development
The future tense
A gigantic aircraft carrier
On the other side of the world

While here at home
You look out your window
See the cat on the fence
Sky is overcast
Relaxed and alert
Expecting a call
Loosely prepared
Get to the point
Lost in thought
I look forward to seeing you there

States of Mind Fit Together

States of mind fit together
Like a jigsaw puzzle of gerrymandered territories
Belonging to parties mutually opposed
Until such time as joint enmity against a third party threat
Brings them together at which point their agreement
Constitutes a new reality, one equipped with a fully functioning kitchen
Pleasant odors drift off to the side room
Where workers and friends hang out during holidays
Their children playing on the steps
The branches of the trees bare witness to the whiteness of the sky