Letter from the Editor, December/January 2018-19

Letter from the Editor

Yall. Whut?

It’s December. My brain is fried. No drugs. How did we even?

Thanks for being here. This newsletter is a light for so many reasons I won’t be able to capture it all in this one letter, but I will try. Grateful for the honor of putting this newsletter together. In a world that continually tries to edit (read: erase) people like us, it’s beautiful to have space to share these necessary voices and points of view. Here’s the roundup:

1. lucky 7/11 — on those pages you’ll find two incredible ekphrastic by the luminous Calvin Walds who allows us to look at Beauford Delaney’s work with him as he reflects in the archives

2. Randa Jarrar warms us up on p. 8 with her evocative prose

3. feeling seen and complicit as usual thanks to Roberto Montes on p. 14 with the latest (and timeless) poetry world GRIEVANCES

4. and then boom: TWO ART FEATURES on p. 14 and p. 19 — just go straight there, not telling you what they are, I will just say they are THE BEST

5. p. 22 kicks off our reviews where John Rufo enlightens and entices again with their selections

6. and finally, an interview with Carina del Valle Schorske you will read and read — on the importance of intersectional translation — and so much more.

Always a pleasure.

Happy 2019. Blessup.

ps. peep that cover! thanks, Stacy!