Morgan Vo

air rifles

to commit a crime
ahead of dawn __ all crisis arrives

to say it’s no good
offer a plan to better outcome

the stars come together
to dangle strings and pieces __ the needed
crumbs of bread __ to soothe longtime
_ hunger __ tooth waggle in the mouth

promise to keep healthy
hardy __ dedicated and well

butter and salt __ dark black leaves
flickering on the pan

___he takes stabs into silence
high dives to an empty pool
___oceanic feeling for __ volcanos of
__unwanted color __ steam pocketed
placed prominent in the mix

it looks like the mind traipses
easy when gazing at a vast sky
and it moves fast

but a knot is tied __ tight on the money
this isn’t fight or flight ____ but violet energy
staying vague

__simple syrup
poured into saucer ____ cup becomes
___________________________a helmet for
____noise picks up
_____another storm

________air rifles wetlands ____ open
___________for another season

__seaside at heart again
where it keeps __ on fresh fish ice

time apart

time apart commands
in situ __ so the
___elephant may ride
pungent smoke
through a gate of
compacted leaves

fire lifts
soul off surround
into moist nostrils _____ wet with gum
then up
a scabrous length of leather pipe
__ curled around my

spend the night in a hostel
searching haze
for a better way

makes a brick and mortar wall
placed a yard
ahead of

singing back at
golden blare
__at my ears
___smoke screen
____couldn’t care
___its hazy hat, settles down
the brow
the incline of _ ash

___we would have thunk
____if it was in our power

time apart
a trek to empty pond

each pad lands with thump
____shakes the quiet camp
___staring back at
___a shifting green brush
____a loose blue sky
_pampered by flights of
flight for focus
a feeling, fossilized
and the future I miss

am I prey to the last?

look into its yellow eyes _ large
supple with life

for the health of the species continues
despite a bad forecast
against ground
with terrible legs __ to deliver
the power of
the heavy grace

a window into the soul of grass
spoken fresh from an ancient dish
it worries me not to know

to not know
to sit at the trailhead, positioned __ to

covered in darkness
thorough as a broom

the dark ballroom
bush of fear

. . .

time is the wicked word
of the demon in power

lord wish you again would come
back again

we see sunrise ___ the ocean groan
in its regular corner ___ heavy with snow

jagged grey teeth and a mask
thick with red paint

can’t feel their fingers any longer
pressed against cold glass

each eye has everything to gain
by looking on, to not look away

immanence reveals night, and in it
the play ___ first notes touching other notes

coming close to the edge of a new city
the mayor waves back _ for you to come in

down the line

with negroni chase negroni, we’d be other
than l’amour __ we’d run doubled down
over ____ set aside

the average game is hard to watch
its total outcome never counts

would-be existence __ slips ‘neath decades-
laden guardrails, which
though lame ___ shine brightly real

if light is piecemeal, may it
______ if these papers must dry then help
them unfurl completely

I see decision as the struggle, not pure

of people __ singular distinct
those who make day and work
in each a separate space

Morgan Vo

Morgan Vo is a poet and singer. Born in the Tidewater area in 1989, he studied at the Cooper Union and the St. Mark’s Poetry Project, and lives now in Brooklyn, NY.