Poem by Victoria Ordway

to the sound of fake rain a
Playdoh smell as a girdle,
frosted nose tips
and a bottle of Rosé
wading towards an apathy
sewn into jean leggings




the city is sinking

like the rest
our ankles carrying swamp
we learn to walk more gracefully
dragging debris
& our moisturized toes




the color of wasabi
dipped into Campari
a single caper held between molars
find yourself a cold marble slab
lay pelvis risen
fingers to sternum, tap and follow
find the true ribs count,

remember it’s a cage

Victoria Ordway

Victoria Ordway is a writer, video artist, and activist fresh to Brooklyn. She graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in 2017. Her poetry was recently published in As Of Late, a bi-annual poetry journal based in Berkeley, California. She also recently self-published a small edition chap book titled Vegan Bologna. She looks forward to finding her way through the New York art scene, and collaborating with fellow creatives!