Two Poems by Jen Fisher

rubble implies something was there

to immerse
forms a thought ___ examines
if it were the room where it happened
it becomes the examine room
or examine van or the examine invisible thought/ the body _ the borders
operating under duress/ the urgency of the moment _ out/ get out/ lead
to into/ the arms are safe/ I am not here to/ hurt me in my past/ I know/ I am
trained to react to danger/ I couldn’t manage to pull off _ the ethics of the after/ sadly
our revolution is _ conservative/ the personal ethos are out_ got out/ I am NOT
a slave/ rather enslaved got _ in/ all the little deaths throughout/ got out/ the
day _ got out/ the territory of the imagination is in _ got in _ the most
important __ the most important __ thing to protect/ the territory of
the imagination

I cant take him home
the way I thought
he was, he is the way
he thinks he is.

it’s the first day of august NYC

I swore
and pissed behind the trash
I melted candles in the car
i put an ashtray on my dashboard
I wiped my pussy with witch hazel
I told him I didn’t trust him
then told him I loved him
my enthusiasm is blank
I stopped saying I believe-
it is better to know
or not know
or make-up
the lipstick only stays on my teeth
its cheap
I’m cheap
I’m 400 dollars sort of rent
I cant smoke inside