Week 4 by Rebecca Teich

Week 4

keeping cannot the alone // edifice // imaginative interlocutor
diet constellations // as often //as conceived
utopian impulse // the remapping // reconstitutes the ordinary
everyday life // meaning // make disorder
layer & dialogue // & see // the hand arranging
letterwriting // conjuring opens // what if
presence // sufficiency // transit
I think of // you and you // are present
Sitting here we // socially arrange // or not
Scoops constitute // possible ways // out
Pieces // not intended // still I touch
Notation // made out of // devotion
Psychogeography // object not demotion // wander
Imaginary creates // a barrier // work around
Spreadable intimacy // + tractable // conductor cells
Also deadly sentences // almost almost // flex spectrum
Fuel of nonsense // what’s // forfeited in unambiguity
Accreted space //one night stand // collective strangeness
Impossible correspondence // competing fantasies // who are you instrumentalist
Proximal object // into speech // leave a voicemail

Rebecca Teich

Rebecca Teich is a poet, editor, and teacher based in New York City. She has co-curated the Fall 2018 and 2019 Segue Reading Series. Currently, she is Artists Space’s teaching artist-in-residence for poetry. Her work has been featured or is forthcoming in No, Dearpoets.org, Bomb Cyclone, Baest Journal, and elsewhere. She organizes readings and performs as part of The Anchoress Syndicate, a queer poetry and performance collective.