Will Farris


in August light

thought light
would break me open— but

blossoms. Birds
splice air into air.

That petal
through streetlight
looks like buttermilk


Violets soft
beneath my hands

I want to be
some velvet thing

when I was young
I might have been
a flower

might have thought
bodies were bells

we shape to hold
more bodies, not

meat melting over
screwy bones

some people are flowers
we rend and want


how days fold over
& you were happy

to see
or tell me


in spaces between
want and not

wanting; still
I feel easy
kitchen dancing

in your apartment,
looking at you
and not the lens

and later
before I leave
when afternoon

in orange across
the wall, you call

me in to see
some light
like it’s the only

Will Farris

Will Farris is a writer and visual artist concerned with language and poetics across and between artistic disciplines. Their work has appeared in conversation with movement and poetry by artist and creative collaborator Molly McLaughlin of ATTN: Dance, most recently in the presentation “Make it Up.” Will has also collaborated as scenographer with dancemaker Heather Stewart on her piece “against hard air.” They live in New York City.