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“A Dance for First People” by Vincent Katz

A Dance for First People

a sagging weight
resigned strength

hodgepodge elegance
mired sanity

instinctive grace
a needless rush

off the mark
sitting punching
a cold lying down

in death
in flag of country’s

black not black
back of space

yellow green
purple red

hungry entity
priest vision

Vincent Katz

Vincent Katz is a poet, translator, and critic. He is the author of Southness (Lunar Chandelier Press, 2016) and Swimming Home (Nightboat Books, 2015), as well as The Complete Elegies of Sextus Propertius (Princeton University Press, 2004). He is the editor of Black Mountain College: Experiment in Art (MIT Press, 2002; reprinted 2013). He lives in New York City, where he curates “Readings in Contemporary Poetry” at Dia:Chelsea. Raphael Rubinstein has characterized Katz as “A 21st-century flâneur whose wanderings range from the sidewalks and subways of New York City to the crowded beaches of Rio de Janeiro.”

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