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At the Poetry Project we maintain the belief that a poet reading her work to an open audience is a revolutionary act that is vital to our culture and society. Creating time and space for poets to do this work is at the heart of the Poetry Project’s existence. The Project wouldn’t exist without the support of its Members and Donors. With your help the Project will continue to be central to a thriving community and will be here for generations of poets and artists to come. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution of any amount to the Poetry Project today!

The Poetry Project has been a public forum and home for the most restless and challenging creative minds of the past 50 years. In hosting over 3,500 readings featuring more than 5,000 different poets, we have connected with more than 200,000 people. Our audio archive of 4,000+ hours of poetry is housed at the Library of Congress.

The Poetry Project—like poetry itself—is much more than numbers. We’re a scrappy arts organization run by poets. And we are proud that we’ve thrived on a shoestring budget with our core values intact: devotion to poetry as a way of life, supporting poets, inclusivity, curiosity, and community. As we enter our second half-century, we plan to strengthen our local, national, and international connections through:

  • Web-based workshops
  • A digital magazine with audio and video content
  • Live-streaming of readings and events
  • Online audio archives of all Poetry Project readings

Our goal is to sustain our core programming while reaching an additional 100,000 poetry-lovers with cutting-edge technology.