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“Dukes Up” by John Coletti

Dukes Up

The Easter egg hunt
inherently cruel
religiously obscene
“I see one.” “Let me get one.”
tears. like that.
an epiphenomenelogical account from like organisms
teasing @ the homegrown
in a banged-up locker
that convince me, at the end of darknessses
that I want to enjoy being family-kept-spilling
I never understate
& demonstrate daily
the capital shock then “wooed
& won by wireless”
weeds I thought more beautiful tilted
like a panix’ serpent
core doubts. it’s been a little rough.
pancakes at midnight
pancakes at day
Medieval reenactors
that one aria
from Turandot
around your eye. forever closed
the tingling of clean, crystal lights
then laid back down. don’t rot: sayeth Beaker
the tendered non-capital evening
a third wave: Starting fresh!

John Coletti

John Coletti is the author of Deep Code (City Lights, 2014), Mum Halo (Rust Buckle Books, 2010), Same Enemy Rainbow (fewer & further 2008), and Physical Kind (Yo-Yo-Labs 2005). With Anselm Berrigan, he is the author of the limited edition Skasers (Flowers & Cream, 2012). He has served as editor of The Poetry Project Newsletter and recently worked on a libretto for Excelsior, an opera composed by Caleb Burhans commissioned by Chicago’s Fifth House Ensemble, which premiered in 2013.