100,000 Poets For Change Open Reading

100,000 P.F.C. gathers poets from around the word to celebrate poetry promoting change. This past year, people made their way to Wall Street to read poems and hold signs as they experimented with social structures and re-imagined the future. In honor of the many experiments in inclusivity conducted by the occupiers: upon arrival, readers will choose a word (one word per person and one person per word) – when a poem is being read and you hear your word, you will ¬†stand up and begin to read a poem until one of your words signals another reader to begin reading ¬†– then you sit down. Bring a range of poems and stretch that vocabulary, as every time your word is said you should read a different poem. If your word isn’t called, you can read a poem at the end for our livestream cameras (up to three minutes) which will be filming the night. All are welcome. Guest hosted by Stephen Boyer. $8 suggested donation. More about 100,000 Poets for Change here: www.100TPC.org.