A Bibliography For Us — Master Class with Ammiel Alcalay

Each person signing up for this class will be asked to send me a list of their own essential sources: 15-20 books you consider important for yourself, and another 10 that you are unfamiliar with but think you ought to become familiar with. In addition to using these lists as a reference point for the session and our discussion, we will talk through relationships between a set of diverse sources that I have come to find essential. By reflecting on various stages my own work has gone through (different kinds of writing, different functions of writing, the need to be informed by many different kinds of reading), we will explore how poetry and knowledge come together and drift apart.

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Photo: Kate Tarlow Morgan

Ammiel Alcalay

Poet, novelist, translator, critic, and scholar Ammiel Alcalay teaches at Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY. His books include After Jews and Arabs, Memories of Our Future, Islanders, and neither wit nor gold: from then. His translations include Sarajevo Blues and Nine Alexandrias by Bosnian poet Semezdin Mehmedinović. A 10th anniversary edition of from the warring factions, and new essays, a little history, came out in 2013 from re:public / UpSet. He is the General Editor of Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative, a series of student and guest edited archival texts emerging from the New American Poetry, and was the recipient of a 2017 Before Columbus Foundation American Book Award for this work.