A Night with Heretical Texts Vol. 4


Heretical Texts is an ongoing Factory School book series published in volumes of five books each. The series aims to test old assumptions about the political efficacies of poetic texts while utilizing the series structure as a framework for documentation and investigation. Since 2005, Factory School has published twenty titles under the Heretical Texts series banner, with future volumes appearing in 2010 and beyond. Volume 4 includes books by Jules Boykoff, Brett Evans, Erica Kaufman, kathryn l. pringle and Frank Sherlock. Please join us for an evening of readings and festivities celebrating Heretical Texts Vol. 4. Participants include Erica Kaufman, kathryn l. pringle, Frank Sherlock and Bill Marsh. Erica Kaufman is the author of Censory Impulse (Factory School 2009) and co-curates Belladonna*. kathryn l. pringle is the author of Right New Biology and lives in Durham, NC. Bill Marsh has co-directed Factory School since its founding in 2000. He is the author of Plagiarism (SUNY Press) and, with Steve Carll, Tao Drops, I Change (Subpress). He lives in Queens, NY. Frank Sherlock is the author of Over Here (Factory School 2009) and the co-author of Ready-To-Eat Individual (Lavender Ink 2008) with Brett Evans. A collaboration with CAConrad entitled The City Real & Imagined: Philadelphia Poems is forthcoming from Factory School later this year.