TELL IT LIKE IT IS AGAIN: Adrienne Garbini & Rayyane Tabet

tellitlikeitisagain (1)

Garbini and Tabet share disparate and wide ranging correspondence. This reading will be constructed by friendship, hot spring pool conversations, and a foundation. They will approximate and detail stories with the required discretion.

Adrienne Garbini

Adrienne Garbini is an artist who has settled down in the world’s largest alpine valley, where she pursues the poetics of non-compliance. Garbini is writing an ongoing essay entitled Hold On, distributed as a chain letter. She receives mail at P.O. Box 416, Saguache, CO 81149.

Rayyane Tabet

Rayyane Tabet is an artist who lives in Beirut. His current sculptures materialize the facade of Tell Halaf’s Hittite temple through excavation, replication, transportation, destruction, storage, and restoration.  

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