Ali Liebegott & Cristy C. Road


Ali Liebegott is the author of the award winning books, The Beautifully Worthless and The IHOP Papers. For the last seven years she’s been drawing and illustrating a full-color illustrated novel, titled The Crumb People, about a post-September 11th obsessive duck feeder. She’s also writing a sequel to her first book-length poem called, The Summer of Dead Birds. You can find her stacking cat food in aisle 9 of Rainbow Grocery Co-Op in San Francisco. She also writes for The Advocate sometimes. Cristy C. Road is a writer and illustrator who’s obsessed with human imperfection and deconstructing the norms which have sheltered her world. Aside from illustrating for countless record covers, book covers, radical organizations, and magazine articles, Road published an independent zine, Greenzine for ten years, and has released three books – Indestructible, a graphic memoir about being a teenage Latina, queer punk in high school; and Distance Makes the Heart Grow Sick, a postcard collection. She recently released Bad Habits, an illustrated love story about a faltering human heart’s telepathic connections to the destruction of New York City. She currently hibernates in Brooklyn, NY.