Beau Sievers & Ed Steck


Beau Sievers is a composer, improviser, and music cognition researcher. His music stages confrontations between people and formal systems, and has been performed by Doug Perkins and Alex Waterman. He has improvised with Chris Peck, Will Guthrie, Patrick Barter, and Hey Exit. His research focuses on cross-modal perception of emotion. He holds a Master’s degree in Digital Musics from Dartmouth College, where he studied music composition with Larry Polansky and Newton Armstrong and cognitive neuroscience with Thalia Wheatley.

Ed Steck is from South Western Pennsylvania, currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  His work addresses issues of corporate and government confrontation on the everyday by using leaked military, government, and corporate documents and manuals: testing how the authoritative language of the document interacts, battles, or diminishes naturalistic language.  He has been published in numerous small Pittsburgh-based publications and regularly performs in hardcore punk, black metal, and experimental groups.