BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! : experiments with time, or, how to have more fun being a living poet in the digital age – Dia Felix

Thursday, 7-9 pm: 10 sessions begin October 9

Rock and roll includes everything?

In this workshop, we will experiment with crossing our existing writing practices with the broader possibilities of digital media. We will consider and reflect on the centrality of live readings, social connections, identity-based configurations, metanarratives and performances of the self which can characterize the contemporary living poet’s life. Wanting freedom, excellence, suspecting that there are not answers, and expecting surprises, we’ll be together, with and without apps. We will experiment with fracturing, alchemy, powerpoint, surprise, cyborg embraces, chaos, transformation, lies, stories, and magic. We will engage in deep readings, conversations, experience pleasure, and make friends. ALL OF THE THINGS, in high resolution. Tag me!!!???

Dia Felix is a writer and filmmaker who’s screened films at independent festivals (Frameline, Outfest, San Francisco Film Festival), and performed literary work a lot too (Segue Series, Radar, Dixon Place). She is the author of the novel Nochita (City Lights/Sister Spit, 2014).

This workshop will be held at Abrons Art Center (466 Grand St. at Pitt St.).