Camilo Roldán & Katy Bohinc

Camilo Roldán is a poet and translator currently pursuing his MFA in creative writing at Brooklyn College. He co-curates the Triptych Reading Series, is editor-in-chief for DIEZ and is the author of a chapbook, Amílkar U., Nadaísta in Translation (These Signals Press 2011). His writing has appeared in various journals, including SET, Sun’s Skeleton, PANK and Mandorla.

Katy Bohinc is a poet and digital media strategist for the Democratic Party of China.  She co-edits COYDUP, a poetry pamphlet dedicated to hand-to-hand distribution at and around Occupy events with Meg Ronan.  Work has recently appeared in Armed Cell & Poor Claudia and is forthcoming in Apartment & Open Letters Monthly.  Summer BF press will soon publish selections of Dear Alain, love letters of a poet to a philosopher, as read at the East Bay Poetry Summit.  She has a background in math, comp lit, DC, China, France & Buenos Aires. She lives in Manhattan.