Danny Snelson & Lance Wakeling

Danny Snelson is an archivist, editor and writer. His online editorial work has ranged from Eclipse, where he started as a scanner, to UbuWeb, where he edited the 2007 series of /ubu Editions. He is currently a contributing editor to the EPC and PennSound, selecting the 2008 featured resources. Recent writing projects include my Dear coUntess (Drunken Boat #9), The Book of Ravelling Women, Aphasic Letters, and Testimony (a sound poem in Deseret).

Born in Tacoma, Washington, Lance Wakeling is an artist and writer who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His first book Sic, Notes from a Keylogger, was published electronically by Ubu.com. He edits and distributes the PDF bulletin Private Circulation, which will publish a paperback compendium of its first twelve issues in early 2009.