David Antin

David Antin is a poet, performance artist, art and literary critic internationally known for his “talk pieces”—improvisational blends of comedy, story and social commentary. New Directions has published three books of these “talk pieces”— Talking At The Boundaries (1976), Tuning (1984) and What It Means To Be Avant-Garde (1993). Much of his earlier poetry was collected in Selected Poems 1963-1973 (Sun and Moon Press, 1991) and Granary Books recently published A Conversation with David Antin, the text of a 3 month email conversation between Antin and Charles Bernstein. His Radical Coherency: Selected Essays on Art and Literature, 1966 to 2005, was recently published by U. Chicago Press and his Selected Essays, How Long Is The Present (Ed. by Stephen Fredman) is in preparation by The University of New Mexico Press.The performance at the Poetry Project will be the launch of this new book.