Fanny Howe & Alan Loney

Fanny Howe has written several books of fiction and poetry. Her new collection of essays, The Winter Sun, from Graywolf Press and a story called “What Did I Do Wrong?” from Flood Editions, are being published Spring 2009. She has received many awards, including one recently for poetry from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. She teaches at Glenstal Abbey in Ireland every summer. Alan Loney had his first book of poems published in 1971 and began printing in 1974. He was co-winner of the poetry prize in the New Zealand Book Awards in 1977, Literary Fellow at the University of Auckland in 1992, and Honorary Fellow of the Australian Centre at the University of Melbourne 2002-2006. He was Convener of the Conference on the History of the Book in New Zealand at University of Auckland 1995. Loney has published 11 books of poetry, and eight books of prose with a recent emphasis on the nature of the book. Fine editions of his work have been issued by Granary Books, The Janus Press, Barbarian Press, Red Dragonfly Press, Pear Tree Press and The Holloway Press. Formulations of Loney’s thinking about the relations between poetry and typography have appeared with Cuneiform Press in Meditatio: the printer printed: manifesto; The printing of a masterpiece published by Black Pepper Press; and Each new book, issued by Peter Koch at Hormone Derange Editions. A short account of Loney’s printerly life and a checklist of his first 50 printed books can be found in The Private Library, Winter 2007, and his most recent book of poems is Day’s Eye (Rubicon Press, Canada 2008). He was Printer in Residence at the University of Otago for 2008, and an exhibition of his books was held Sept-Oct 2008 at the Christchurch Art Gallery, New Zealand. Website :