Forrest Gillespie & Ellis Isenberg: The Green Death


The Green Death involves physical therapy, nutrition, and the afterlife. This will be be the final work of a trilogy exploring the coordinated mutation of subcultural language spheres.

Forrest Gillespie works in the non-profit environmental building industry in New York and writes about a play a month.  Lately: Future RickshawRidin’ Dirt..Dirty,  Merciless Shopping SpreeEl Ojo Del DiabloThe Woman in the MirrorThe White and Yellow Spasms of DeathBaghdad ZookeeperThe Tomb of the Unknown SoldierThe Last Recorded Instance of the ParanormalRocky Mountain Rescue.  Directed: most of the above, plus: Night of Pity (Ghelderode), Hamlet (Buñuel).

Ellis Isenberg is from Minneapolis Minnesota.  He used to write and print books of poetry but now he has been writing plays. There have been two so far: Csepian Tec is Going Public and Enormous Sun Group Therapy. He also writes science fiction.