Frank Sherlock & David Buuck

Frank Sherlock’s Very Different Animals was selected for the Equinox Chapbook Award, recently published by Fact-Simile Press. He is the author of Over Here, The City Real & Imagined (w/ CAConrad), and a collaboration with Brett Evans entitled Ready-to-Eat Individual. New poems recently appeared in Aufgabe, Joyland Poetry and Poetry During OWS. A new chapbook entitled Ways Home: Neighbor Ballads is forthcoming from Albion Books.

David Buuck is a writer who lives in Oakland, CA. He is the founder of BARGE, the Bay Area Research Group in Enviro-aesthetics, and co-founder and editor of Tripwire, a journal of poetics. An Army of Lovers, co-written with Juliana Spahr, is forthcoming from City Lights.