GIANT NIGHT: Omniscient Tape Recorder, Part II

This event is a part of the “GIANT NIGHT: The Poetry Project at 50” platform series.

The Poetry Project’s vast collection, currently being processed by the Library of Congress, is a goldmine of potential knowledge and inspiration. Spanning the entirety of the Project’s existence, it includes over 4,000 hours of audio, much of it untapped as a scholarly resource.

Building on November 2016’s Part I, poets Ted Dodson, Shiv KotechaRachel Levitsky, and Nicole Wallace will choose particularly rich poems and discuss their historical impact, the texture and grain of the work’s recitation and the impact of these readings, poems, and people on the landscape of American poetry and art. The goal of this event is both to showcase the Poetry Project’s history and to encourage engagement with the organization’s archival collection – Please join us as we call attention to the living community that has sustained the Project for its first 50 years and that remains vital as it moves into its next half century.

This reading will feature:
Ted Dodson on Kenneth Koch
Shiv Kotecha on Cookie Mueller and Pedro Pietri
Rachel Levitsky on June Jordan
Nicole Wallace on Diane Burns