“hey, you there, boss, i’m talking”: AWP OFF-SIGHT*


  1. The primary purpose of AWP is professionalization;
  2. It is difficult if not impossible to make money from writing and/or selling poetry; therefore, professionalization is a hoax insofar as poetry is not a profession.

Simone White hosts this groupthink, reading, strategy meeting, party for AWP reflections, critique, defenses and proposals for alternative gatherings. Participants include: Montana Ray, Dia Felix, Judah Rubin, Jennifer Krasinki, Anselm BerriganAdjua Greaves, Lee Ann Brown, Katy Bohinc, Layne Brown, Matvei Yankelevich, E. Tracy Grinnell, MC Hyland, Mel ElbergAnna Moschovakis, and Filip Marinovich.

*Note: This event will take place at The Poetry Project in New York City!