Howe Across Reading: Part One – Imri Sandström

In 2000, Imri Sandström stumbled upon Spinnaker in a small public library in Umeå, Sweden, sparking a decade-long dedicated readership of Susan Howe’s work. This performance will present Part One of Sandström’s extensive reading of the poet’s New England narratives, in relation to the language and history of Västerbotten in northern Sweden–a link between regions arrived at, gradually, in and through Howe. The work hovers in the archival past as well as its present, looking at what sounds and spaces are generated in ongoing translation and inter-historical reading across geographies, religions, and literatures.

Imri Sandström is a Swedish inter-media artist invested in literary and historical linkages, the act of reading and writing, and the implications of presence. She co-organized the international performance project IN THE ACT (2011-12) and co-edited the publication IN THE ACT – A Sprawling Space For Performance (Högkvarteret, Stockholm, 2012). Sandström is currently a lecturer in moving image and experimental media production at Malmö University, Sweden. She is also a founding member of the experimental lo-fi duo Kids of the Ranch.