Is This Clear Enough?

Photo: Jean Paul Gomez; left: Lilja Owsley, right: Kelsey Lurie

“Is This Clear Enough?” is a multimedia presentation that announces Michael Gottlieb’s latest book of poems, Mostly Clearing, being published on this date by Roof Books.

Through a blend of theater, video art, sound design, and excerpts from Mostly Clearing, “Is This Clear Enough?” applies performance practices of chance and synchronicity with pop aesthetics, maps traces of New York City drawn from Gottlieb’s own accounts, and attempts to construct a contemporary dialogue around commodity and sociality, including poetic community.

Select Poems from Mostly Clearing by Michael Gottlieb. Directed by Genee Coreno. Video Design by Dena Kopolovich. Performance by Kelsey Lurie and Lilja Owsley. Sound Design by Evan Cook.