Jess Mynes & Simon Schuchat

Jess Mynes’ poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in various journals and magazines including: Bright Pink Mosquito, Vlak, The Nation, and Lungfull. He is the author of several published works, including, How’s the Cows (Cannot Exist Press) and Sky Brightly Picked (Skysill Press) His One Anthem will be published by Pressed Wafer Press in 2011. He is the editor of Fewer & Further Press and he co-curates a reading series, All Small Caps, in Western, MA.

Simon Schuchat edited The 4 3 2 Review, Buffalo Stamps, and founded Caveman. Richard Hell published his first book, Svelte, in 1971.  Other books include Blue Skies, Light and Shadow, and At Baoshan. His poetry was anthologized by Michael Lally in None of the Above, and by Andrei Codrescu in Up Late. His works have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers.  So have his translations of poetry and prose from Chinese and Russian. He taught at Fudan University in Shanghai in the late 1970s, and was a State Department officer for over twenty years, serving in Beijing, Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other places.  This is his first reading in this century.