Joey Yearous-Algozin & Divya Victor


Joey Yearous-Algozin is the author of Kensington Notebook (Lean-To Press) and BOSTON STREET/TREES (Lean-To Press). His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming from Cannot Exist, Forage, and the Robert Walser Society of Massachusetts. He is currently a PhD student in Poetics at SUNY-Buffalo.

Divya Victor has lived and learned in India, Singapore, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Seattle. She has an M.A. from Temple University and is currently working towards her Ph.D. at the University at Buffalo. Her work has appeared in ambit, XConnect, The Ixnay Reader, dusie, President’s Choice, P-QUEUE, and Drunken Boat. Her chapbook SUTURES was just published by Little Red Leaves.