Mensa & AMJ Crawford


We are mensa ::gong:: there is no tao for this sort of thing. there are no cults or team sports or nature retreats that fix this for us. each day is a buffet of choice, have you been eating well today? we’ve been communing with nature and so far what we’ve heard is that a vast fleet of insects have gone into rebellion. rogue warriors. manifest destineee! we’re working on our fun skills. Prescriptions for your mother gurus for your friends. Fun fun fun it’s where the sidewalk ends.

Mensa is a performance collective formed by the installation artists Ariele Affigne and Sarah Maurer, previously known for work that may be described as nested architectures: built spaces which make physical the personal within a larger area. Synthesizing the structural conceits of a magician’s theater with the discourse charged trans-identitarianisms (and object mutation) of alchemical practices, their performance for the Poetry Project will seek to enact this prescriptive fun within the spaces and sensoria made available by their audience.

AMJ Crawford is the author of Morpheu (BlazeVOX 2009), editor of zenSLUM, & co-editor of Le Dodo.  He is a former Fulbright Scholar to Portugal and currently studies at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.