Lawrence Giffin & Nico Vassilakis


Lawrence Giffin is the author of a chapbook, Get the Fuck Back into That Burning Plane, as well as three volumes of Comment Is Free, an ongoing print-on-demand work of social philosophy compiled from newspaper comment streams. As a member of the publishing collective Lil’ Norton, Lawrence Giffin is the series editor of the journal The Physical Poets Home Library. A kind of historical novel, Aa, co-produced with Fernando Diaz, is forthcoming from Patrick Lovelace Editions. Nico Vassilakis works in both textual and visual poetry. He is a curator for the Subtext Reading Series in Seattle. His vispo videos have been shown in exhibits and festivals of innovative language arts. Nico’s recently published Text Loses Time is available from ManyPenny Press. Forthcoming books include Disparate Magnets (BlazeVox) & Protracted Type (White Lion Books).