Nomads in the Home Space — Workshop with Montana Ray and Natalie Peart

This will be a NYC-nomadic workshop, each of the five weeks will find us in the home of a different poet or text-based artist. In each poet’s home, we’ll learn about her current project(s) and her process(es), share our own in-process work, and have a salon-style discussion about all works exchanged. Our hosts will lead us in exercises and prompts which they have found helpful in generating work or cultivating a creative mindset; and we will use these techniques to write new work for the following Saturday. This class will involve a good deal of movement around New York, and we are committed to working through accessibility issues with all participants. This workshop will be racially diverse and embrace feminine energy; we are anti-racist and support queer, trans, and gender non-conforming artists.

Please note that this workshop can accommodate a maximum of 10 participants.

Montana Ray

Montana Ray is a feminist poet, translator, and scholar. The author of 5 chapbooks and artist books, her first full length collection of poetry, (guns & butter), is available from Argos Books. She’s also a PhD student in comparative literature at Columbia University & the mom of Pokémon enthusiast, Amadeus.

Natalie Peart

Natalie Peart is a writer & sometimes arts organizer. Her Chaplet Sixty-One can be found at Belladonna*. She’s looking forward to sharing space with you.