For Opacity: Visceral Poetics Now

         We clamor for the right to opacity for everyone.

                – Édouard Glissant, “For Opacity” (tr. Betsy Wing)

A symposium that continues the collective work of Poetics of Healing and takes Eleni Stecopoulos‘s Visceral Poetics (ON Contemporary Practice, 2016) as a point of departure for new writing & dialogue to treat these times. Readings & performances may engage opacity & transparency; anti-imperial & anti-colonial poetics; “the chronic syndrome of the West”; healing & somatic practices; mother tongues & mongrel tongues; otherness & immigrant poetics; the writing of Antonin Artaud, Édouard Glissant & others. 

Hosted by Stecopoulos & Thom Donovan, co-editor of ON Contemporary Practice.

Appearances and video by Cornelia Barber, Charles Bernstein, Melissa Buzzeo, Declan Gould, Jeanne Heuving, Brenda Iijima, Madhu Kaza, Robert Kocik, Liz Latty, Andrew Levy, EJ McAdams, Marissa Perel, Kristin Prevallet, George Quasha, Emji Spero, and Mg Roberts.

Statements by Will Alexander, Margit Galanter, Petra Kuppers, Sean Labrador y Manzano, Miranda Mellis, William Rowe & Robin Tremblay-McGaw.