Paige Taggart & Michael Vallera


Paige Taggart lives in Brooklyn. Her chapbook Polaroid Parade is forthcoming with Greying Ghost Press. She has an e-chapbook, Won’t Be A Girl, with Scantily Clad Press. She was a 2009 NYFA Fellow. Peruse her blog:

Michael Vallera is a sound/visual artist currently based out of Chicago, Illinois. His work in both contexts focuses on slowness and symmetry. He has recorded for Immune Recordings, Catholic Tapes, Complacency Records, and Reverb Worship. He is a member of the duo Cleared, with Steven Hess, and has performed with David Daniell, Sinkane, Mike Weiss and Rhys Chatham. He received his MFA in sound from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the spring of 2010. His website is at