Poem as Process, Procedure, Prosthesis — erica kaufman

Tuesdays 7-9PM: 10 sessions begin October 2nd

This workshop will begin by exploring “the writing process” and the ways in which writing is a practice of discovery, a practice that revels in the unfinished and incorrect, the risky and redemptive, the automatic and the adversarial. After probing and pushing our own processes, we will move into the realm of chance and procedure– writing against, over, and through our own impulses —virtual, animal, cyborgian, internalized, prosthetic. This workshop will play with the idea of the “prosthesis” as an “addition”–a way to flesh out and challenge our process through the use of form, ritual, exercise, and experiment. We’ll read from and work with texts by: Fred Moten, Eileen Myles, John Coletti, Gertrude Stein, CAConrad, Glenn Ligon, Leslie Scalapino, and others.

erica kaufman is the author of censory impulse. She teaches at Baruch College and is a faculty associate of Bard College’s Institute for Writing & Thinking.