Poet Talkings-To: The Aesthetics and Ethics of Dialogue — 3-Session Workshop with Andy Fitch

The genre of the “poet talk” long has encouraged authors to dazzle audiences with extensive exuberant riffs. But how and when today might poets most constructively talk to, hear out, learn from, think with the widest possible range of interlocutors—from fellow poets and artists, to scholars, to philosophers, to political leaders, and beyond? This course will position you to conduct and publish informed exploratory conversations far beyond your immediate social circles. Readings will include dialogues with variously loquacious and/or reticent poets (Etel Adnan, Wayne Koestenbaum, Srikanth Reddy, Lisa Robertson), as well as poetically attuned philosophers (Anthony Appiah, Jill Frank), journalists (Emily Bazelon, David Plotz), literary critics (Daniel Kane, Simone White), political organizers (Michael Hardt, Liz Theoharis), and policy advocates (Danielle Allen, James Forman).