Reading for Leland Hickman’s TIRESIAS: THE COLLECTED POEMS


Named for Leland Hickman’s unfinished, long poem, “Tiresias,” this volume, co-published by Nightboat Books and Otis Books/Seismicity Editions, gathers all of the poetry published during Hickman’s lifetime as well as unpublished pieces drawn from his archives. With this book, Hickman’s work will join the landscape of twentieth century American experimental poetry. Los Angeles poet and editor Leland Hickman (1934-1991) was the author of two collections of poetry: Great Slave Lake Suite (1980) and Lee Sr. Falls to the Floor (1991). He was the editor of the poetry journal Temblor, which ran for 10 issues during the 1980s. Readers will include: Elaine Equi, Alan Gilbert, Pierre Joris, Douglas A. Martin, Bill Mohr, Stephen Motika, John Yau, Marjorie Welish and more t.b.a.