Rob Halpern & Peter Lamborn Wilson


Rob Halpern is the author of Rumored Place, Imaginary Politics, Snow Sensitive Skin (a collaboration with Taylor Brady), and Disaster Suites. Music for Porn is forthcoming. He’s currently co-editing the poems of the late Frances Jaffer together with Kathleen Fraser, and translating the early essays of Georges Perec, the first which, “For a Realist Literature,” appears in the Chicago Review. An active participant in the Nonsite Collective, Rob lives in San Francisco. Peter Lamborn Wilson is a political writer, essayist, and poet, known for first proposing the concept of the Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ), based on a historical review of pirate utopias. His latest books are Green Hermeticism: Alchemy and Ecology (with Christopher Bamford and Kevin Townley – Lindisfarne, 2007) and Black Fez Manifesto (Autonomedia, 2008).