Robert Fitterman & Ann Lauterbach

Robert Fitterman

Robert Fitterman is the author of 14 books of poetry including Nevermind (Wonder Books, 2016), Rob’s Word Shop (Ugly Duckling Press, forthcoming 2018), No Wait, Yep. Definitely Still Hate Myself (Ugly Duckling Press, 2014), Holocaust Museum (Counterpath, 2013, and Veer [London] 2012), now we are friends (Truck Books, 2010), Rob the Plagiarist (Roof Books, 2009), war, the musical (Subpress, 2006), and Metropolis—a long poem in 4 separate volumes. He has collaborated with several visual artists, including: Serkan Ozkaya, Nayland Blake, Fia Backström, Tim Davis, and Klaus Killisch. He is the founding member of the artists and writers collective, Collective Task. He teaches writing and poetry at New York University and at the Bard College, Milton Avery School of Graduate Studies.

Ann Lauterbach

Poet and essayist Ann Lauterbach is the author of nine books of poetry, most recently Under the Sign (Penguin, 2013) and three books of essays; her 2009 poetry collection Or to Begin Again was nominated for a National Book Award. Her tenth collection, Spell, is forthcoming from Penguin in fall of 2018. She has written widely on visual artists, most recently on Kenji Fujita and Johanna Tiedtke, and has made several collaborations. She taught in Critical Writing at SVA and was a visiting critic (sculpture) at Yale. Her work has been recognized by fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and was the subject of a Conference in Paris in 2015. She was awarded the annual Poetry Prize in 2017 from Steven Holl’s “T “Space. She is Ruth and David Schwab Professor of Languages and Literature at Bard College, where she is also co-Chair of Writing, with Anselm Berrigan, in the Bard MFA. A native of New York City, she lives in Germantown, New York.

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