Talk Series: Lanny Jordan Jackson, “The cave that sets limits to our rage”

…in which Lanny will project and talk on/over an even-ing of others’ movies: tales that truly tackle talking, tactfully.

From a cerebral voiced-over meditation on a ruin (accompanied by live voiced-over translation), to a comic assault on pedagogy in an adaptation of a children’s book, to a compulsively repetitive short film, where speech and its refusal become music… and finally to a most burlesque feature presentation, packed with improvised dialogue, stuttering, and a climactic recitation of Poe.

How I will burst with laughter
When all is thoroughly confused!
When even rocks stand not secure
And when the rooftops shatter,
Then I will burst with laughter!

(Total running time of films, approx. 140 min.)

Lanny Jordan Jackson is an artist living in New York City. Current projects include various video work, designing and editing a small press: bas-books (, and acting as editor and particpant in the second volume of Collective Task, a year-long collaborative art and writing experiment.