Talk Series: “Like Rolling Stone but on Movies”: From Poetry to Ad Revenue, Warhol and the Magazine Business

One of the major projects that Andy Warhol undertook during his career-long publishing practice was his Interview magazine, which began in 1969 as an avant-garde film journal and, by the 1980s, became a fashion tabloid sporting Nancy Reagan on the cover. Art historian Lucy Mulroney will discuss Warhol’s magazine within the context of his earlier contributions to the magazines of the New York poetry world and then trace the transformation of Interview from underground newsprint journal to “glamour gazette.” Lucy Mulroney writes about modern art and print culture. She is Curator of Special Collections at Syracuse University Library and is completing her doctoral dissertation Andy Warhol, Publisher in the Visual and Cultural Studies Program at the University of Rochester. Her writing has appeared in The Believer, Grey Room, Photography & Culture, among other places. She is the co-curator of Strange Victories: Grove Press, 1951-1985, which opens at the Special Collections Research Center at Syracuse University Library in January 2013.