Talk Series: Music and Theatre? Jarrod Fowler or Kieran Daly?

A paraevent may stress antipraxical experiments from transdisciplinary non-artists Jarrod Fowler and Kieran Daly.  Without reckoning, Fowler and Daly’s experiments might unilaterally and idempotently sample suspended variables, un/including: Category Theory, Chronobiology, Conceptualism, Dialetheism, Ideonomy, Noise, Non-philosophy, Permaculture, Pessimism, Praxology, “Speculative Realism”, …  Maybe atemping the anti-syzygytics of some necunologically fouled game or off-season with whatever obligate sapronihil/obligatory empty sampler?

Jarrod Fowler (1989-2012) may have been an applied exologist and non-musicologist from Massachusetts?  Works counted Rhythmic Fact (w.m.o/r) and Percussion Ensemble (senufo editions).
Kieran Daly (1980-2012) may have been a dramaturgist from Maine?  Works counted Tentatively nullpropriated assay from Gauss PDF’s 36 (missed by two) (Gauss PDF) and PLAYS / FOR THEATRE (bas-books).