There are three things to consider when the New Year’s Day Poetry Marathon sweeps you into its gracefully uncouth embrace — what it is, what it was, and who you will be when it’s over. An untamed gathering of the heart’s secret, wild nobility — over 140 poets together revealing not just that a better life could exist, but that it already does, sexy and wise, rancorous and sweet, big hearted and mad as hell. The Marathon measures its success through insurrectionist reframings of the universe, an in-it-together courage that crafts a community out of the riot of lineages and traditions we all emerge from. This collective effort also helps fund as many as 85 additional events every year. It’s our largest fundraiser of the year, and arguably the most inspired ongoing literary event in the city.

This is the 40th anniversary of the New Year’s Day Poetry Marathon! We have a lot of bonuses in the works to commemorate the occasion: Sean Cole, independent producer for public radio, will emcee the 7-10pm hours of the event; there will be a raffle for desirable items from The Poetry Project’s collection; PLUS we’ll reveal a series of 3 special edition Project tote bags made by 3 different design students at Parsons. They did great work for this!

By popular demand, we are selling tickets in advance via Brown Paper Ticket! Stand in the cold no longer (or may be just not as long), show your support of the event, and pre-purchase your ticket to the best place to be in NYC on New Year’s Day!


The 40th anniversary of the Marathon will feature:


Andrew Durbin, Anselm Berrigan, Adam Fitzgerald, Alex Dimitrov, Alice James, Amanda Davidson, Andrew Boston, Anne Tardos, Anne Waldman,Ariel Goldberg, Arlo Quint, Arthur’s Landing, Basil King, Becca Klaver, Beth Gill, Betsy Fagin, Bill Kushner, Bob Hershon, Bob Holman, Bob Rosenthal, Brenda Coultas, Brendan Lorber, Brett Price, Bruce Andrews & Sally Silvers, CA Conrad, Camille Rankine, Carley Moore, Carol Mirakove, Carolee Scheemann, Cecilia Corrigan, Christina Strong, Christine Elmo, Christine Kanownik, Christine Shan Shan Hou, Clarinda Mac Low, Claudia La Rocco, Cole Heinowitz & Peter Valente, Corina Copp, Corrine Fitzpatrick, David Vogen, Davy Knittle, Dawn Lundy Martin, Dell Lemmon, Dia Felix, Don Yorty, Douglas Rothschild, Dynasty Handbag, Ed Friedman, Edgar Oliver, Edmund Berrigan, Edwin Torres, Eileen Myles, Elinor Nauen, Elliott Sharp, Emily Skillings, Erica Hunt & Marty Ehrlich, Erica Kaufman, Ernie Brooks & Peter Zummo, Evie Shockley, Fast Speaking Music Band, Felix Bernstein, Filip Marinovich, Foamola, Frank Sherlock, Guillermo Filice Castro, Guy Picciotto, Jane Le Croy, Jason Hwang, Jason Nazary, JD Samson & Emily Roysdon, Jen Benka, Jennifer Bartlett, Jennifer Miller, Jennifer Monson & Chris Cochrane, Jess Fiorini, Jim Behrle, Joanna Kotze, Johanna Furhman, John Coletti, John Giorno, John Godfrey, John Kruth, John S. Hall, Jonas Mekas, Joseph Keckler, Julie Patton, Justin Vivian Bond, Kim Lyons, Krystal Languell, Laura Henriksen, Lee Ann Brown, Legs McNeil, Lenny Kaye, Leopoldine Core, Lewis Warsh, Lonely Christopher, Lucy Ives w/ Ben Gocker, Lynne Tillman, Maggie Dubris, Marcella Durand, Margarita Shalina, Marissa Perel, Martha King, Matt Longabucco, Mel Elberg, Michael Portnoy, Michelle Boulé, Mitch Highfill, Montana Ray, Nada Gordon, Nathaniel Otting, Nathaniel Siegel, Nick Hallett, Nicole Peyrafitte, Nicole Wallace, Nurit Tilles, Patricia Spears Jones, Patrick Rosal, Patti Smith, Penny Arcade, Peter Bogart Johnson, Philip Glass, Phyllis Wat, Pierre Joris, R. Erica Doyle, Rachel Trachtenburg, Rangi McNeil, Ray Brown, Rebecca Moore, Ricardo Maldonado, Sarah Schulman, Simone White, Sophia Le Fraga, Stephanie Gray, Stephen Boyer, Steve Earle, Steven Taylor & Douglas Dunn, Tammy Faye Starlite w/ Steve Earle, Ted Dodson, Thurston Moore, Todd Colby, Tom Savage, Tommy Pico, Tony Towle, Tracey McTague, Tracie Morris, Vyt Bakaitis, Will Edmiston, Yoshiko Chuma, Yvonne Meier & Yvonne Rainer.

Admission: $20 general

Our deepest gratitude to our food and book donors!

Food Donations from: Porto Rico Coffee, Veselka, Two Boots, S’MAC, Grandaisy Bakery, Buttercup Bake Shop, Nicole Peyrafitte, Don Yorty & Bob Rosenthal. Book Donations from: Burning Deck, Granary Books, Fewer & Further Press, Litmus Press, Susan Mills, Hanging Loose Press, Coffee House Press, City Lights, Belladonna*, Ugly Duckling Presse, Edge Books, United Artists / Angel Hair, Least Weasel, Wave Books & Ron Padgett.