The Phoneme Choir


The Phoneme Choir (conceived and directed by Daria Fain and Robert Kocik) will perform RE-ENGLISH. By means of choreoprosodia (the fusion of movement and prosody), the Phoneme Choir imbues English with heretofore unheard of inherences. Movement amulets, phonemic emanation, hormonal hymns, phonic photonics and detox, the lost optative mood, prefixing prosody to psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology, outright blessings and bad English are all called upon to re-tune, atone, de-delude and opiodize. Is English an inherently commercial, mercenary, duplicitous tongue, or is that just human nature? The premise of RE-ENGLISH is that today’s economic, climate, security and inequity crises are direct consequents of the sonic and connotative qualities of superpower English.

Robert Kocik is a builder, essayist, poet and commoning activist who divides his time between NYC and southeastern Minnesota. In 2004, with the choreographer Daria Fain, he co-founded the field of research and practice called The Prosodic Body. The Phoneme Choir performs their collaborative prosody work.

Daria Faïn is an acclaimed New York choreographer originally from Antibes, France. Her choreography fuses her European cultural background with two decades of practice in Asian philosophies of the body and American dance training. She has also extensively researched the reciprocal influence that architecture and human behavior have on one another, and has given several lectures on Swiss-born modern architect and urbanist Le Corbusier.  Faïn has been a faculty member at Movement Research since 2005, and she has taught master classes and workshops at institutions across the United States, including the Trisha Brown Studio, New York University, Tulane University, Adelphi University, Rutgers University, Cooper Union, Sarah Lawrence College and international Festivals in Europe. Her writing has frequently been published in the Movement Research Performance Journal.