Tom Pickard & Chuck Stebelton

Tom Pickard lives in the North Pennine hills of the English Scottish Border. His last three books of poetry, Hole in the Wall (New and Selected), The Dark Months of May, and Ballad of Jamie Allan were all published by Flood Editions. Ballad of Jamie Allan was a finalist in the Nation Book Critics Circle Awards. His part memoir, More Pricks Than Prizes, was recently published by Pressed Wafer.

Chuck Stebelton is author of The Platformist (The Cultural Society, 2012) and Circulation Flowers (Tougher Disguises, 2005). Recent print objects and chapbooks include Asterisk (Number 13, Fewer & Further Press), ‘Tis (John Riepenhoff Experience), A Maximal Object (Mitzvah Chaps), Flags and Banners (Bronze Skull Press), and Precious (Answer Tag Home Press). He works as Literary Program Director at Woodland Pattern Book Center, Milwaukee.