Judy Grahn & Jack Waters


Judy Grahn is internationally known as a poet and cultural theorist. Her writings helped fuel second wave feminist, gay, and lesbian activism, as well as women’s and queer spirituality. She has received two American Book Awards, two Lambda literature awards, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from Triangle Publishers, who also established the Judy Grahn Nonfiction Award. She has published three poetry collections, eight chapbooks, two book-length poems, and four nonfiction books, including Another Mother Tongue: Gay Words, Gay Worlds, and Blood, Bread, and Roses: How Menstruation Created the World.  Her latest collection of poetry and prose is The Judy Grahn Reader, and her memoir, A Simple Revolution: the Making of an Activist Poet. Judy is a professor in the Women’s Spirituality Master’s Program at Sofia University in Palo Alto, Ca. She co-edits an online journal based in her theory of ritual origins: Metaformia Journal,metaformia.com. Jack Waters is co-founder of Allied Productions, Inc. a non-profit arts umbrella in NYC. With his partner Peter Cramer, he is the former co-director of Abc No Rio (1983 -1990). Jack was a founding writer for NYC’s  premier queer weekly Gay City News. Jack currently writes for the magazines Color Life, the periodical for lesbian bi, gay, trans and two spirited communities of  color; film reviews for quarterlies Jumpcut, (L.A.) and Fuse Magazine (Toronto); and for the German language periodicals Starship (Cologne) and Springer (Berlin). Jack exhibited with Peter Cramer their collaborative installation “Short Memory/No History” at Visual AIDS’ 25th anniversary 2013 exhibit “NOT OVER” at La MaMa Galleria. Jack will appear in the title role opposite Sarah Schulman in Stephen Winter’s upcoming film, a treatment of Shirley Clark’s documentary A Portrait Of Jason.

Co-presented by Belladonna* Collaborative.

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