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Excerpt from Casey Play by Anna Vitale

from Casey Play

It is 1995. Two white kids, A & C, are huddled together in a basement. The song “Girls and Boys” by Blur plays on a boombox. C is packing a bowl.

A: Do you like the music video for “Been Caught Stealing”?

C: Which one’s that?

A: A dude dresses up like a pregnant lady. He puts on all these pads in a bathroom and then when he’s at the store, he puts a pineapple up his dress.

C: It’s cool . . . (singing) girls who are boys who like boys to be girls who do boys like they’re girls . . . (C. is stuffing aluminum foil into the top of a 2 liter pop bottle. She takes out one of her earrings to poke holes in the foil.)

A: I feel like he’s making fun of us somehow.

C: Why? (Taking a big hit off the bong and then coughing a lot.) We’re not pregnant and if we were, we’d look better than that dick.


C: Padded dick wearin motherfucker.

A: But what if you got pregnant and a pineapple came out?

C: Don’t fucking say that shit! Ugh! Ouch! I don’t wanna think about that.

A: Ok. Ok. (Taking a hit.) Where’s that “Pretty” song?

C: What “Pretty” song?

A: Where the guy goes “ahh you think yr so pretttyyyyy . . .”

C: Here, here. I got it.

C sorts through a pile of tapes. Pulls one out, rewinds it, and presses play. They begin to dance, bouncing up and down, almost hitting their heads on the ceiling.

Anna Vitale

Anna Vitale is the author of Detroit Detroit​ (Roof Books), Different Worlds (Troll Thread), and several chapbooks including Unknown Pleasures (Perfect Lovers). Recent writing ​has appeared or is ​forthcoming ​in BathHouse Journal, Columbia Poetry Review, Jacket2, and ​Supplement. She​ lives in Brooklyn and ​hosts ​​the Tenderness Junction on WFMU.

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